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Tax Advice.

Our work in the field of tax consultation is for the most part paperless, and one of the services we offer our clients is the conversion of their manual book-keeping systems into digital form within one financial year. This means that paper records can be dispensed with and financial information can be stored for the required ten-year period in the DATEV technical services center.

Our clients’ online business banking can also be linked with their digital accounting systems, thereby removing unnecessary duplication.
As a result the costs of tax consultation are lowered and auditing procedures are accelerated.

We offer the following services:


  • Book-keeping throughout the fiscal year as a foundation of effective corporate management
  • Administrative accounting
  • Wage accounting
  • Annual accounting
  • Financial statements in accordance with German commercial and tax laws
  • Revenue surplus receipt accountancy
  • Tax declarations for all types of taxation
  • Complete range of services for companies, self-employed and employees
  • General tax consultation
  • Tax optimization and tax planning
  • Supervision of company audits
  • Advice on cross-border commerce
  • Financial planning and planning for provision in old age
  • Corporate succession strategies
  • Management consultation
  • Financial corporate planning / controlling
  • Advice on financing and liquidity
  • Support with communication with banks
  • Branch-specific consultation




Clemens Adori , attorney at law
Martin Welzel , attorney at law

Clients and our taxation division are able to avail themselves of a shared electronic desk in the DATEV technical services center. This means that clients are spared the expense of elaborate software installations.


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