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Criminal Law.

We provide our clients with competent and effective advice and assistance – not only in cases when they have been accused of a crime but also when they are victims of one.

Our defense expertise covers areas such as:

  • Criminal law relating to property and ownership rights
  • Insolvency criminal law
  • Representation of police officers in cases of breaches of official secrecy requirements, bodily harm while on duty, obstruction of punishment etc.
  • Issues relating to bodily harm and protection against violence
  • Traffic offenses (e.g. drunk driving, hit-and-run, duress)
  • Violations of weapons and narcotics laws
  • Bribery and corruption of public officials
  • Arson
  • Homicide; other cases heard in jury court
  • Computer-based violations of copyright; product and brand piracy
  • Violation of secrecy regulations by employees; information theft
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets; piracy of samples

Roger Näbig, attorney at law


Position:  Main Focuses - Criminal Law