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Summary Offense Actions.

Apart from the regulations laid down in the law on summary offenses (OWiG), summary offense law is also part of numerous articles of public law. Summary offense law applies to legal violations such as:

  • Traffic violations (violations of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO), the criminal code, etc.)
  • Violations of social law (e.g., company directors’ obligation to register their business with job centers)
  • Shipping violations (e.g., inland waterway shipping law)
  • Violations of transport security requirements for freight
  • Violations of environmental regulations (pollution violations, etc.)
  • Violations relating to the restaurant and bar trade (including neighborhood rights)
  • Violations by commercial service providers (snow-clearing and gritting, breaches of the peace and disruptions to public order)
  • Violations relating to garbage collection services
  • Violations relating to the annulment of service contracts

Our basic approach to proceedings stemming from such violations is structured in the same way as our approach to criminal proceedings. We represent road users, company directors, employees and restaurant owners as well as commercial service providers.

Roger Näbig, attorney at law


Administrative Procedure.

We offer legal services in the areas of:

  • Legal challenges to driving bans (if required, pursuit of legal action before the administrative court, usually in connection with criminal proceedings due to intoxication while driving or the detection of drugs in the blood)
  • Legal challenges to the failure to issue permits or the withdrawal of transport and freight transport permits (as a consequence of violations of road traffic laws or transport security regulations)
  • Actions relating to the withdrawal of medical and other professional licenses as a consequence of criminal or summary offense proceedings
  • Legal challenges to proceedings under the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung) and the German Restaurant Code (issuance of public entertainment and special use permits)
  • Disciplinary proceedings against public officials within the framework of criminal proceedings, in particular legal challenges to and complaints against suspension, dismissal, etc.

Contact: Roger Näbig, attorney at law


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