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Media Law & Copy Right.

Media content is becoming increasingly accessible and easier to duplicate. As a result it is becoming ever more essential to subject the dissemination of copyright-protected works to clear (contractual) regulations and/or apply regulations that are already in place.

We advise and represent clients in the following areas:

  • Designing and drawing up contracts that cater effectively to the interests of the parties concerned,
    e. g. for the commercial exploitation of texts, software, film and music
  • Rights of use and their implications for artists and rights-holders
  • Extrajudicial representation in cases of copyright infringement
  • Defense against cease-and-desist orders
  • Conflicts involving legal relationships with copyright collecting agencies (e.g. Germany’s GEMA musical rights agency)
  • Advising commercial exploiters and artists on issues relating to social insurance cover
  • We represent clients before the courts:
  • When applying for preliminary relief in the case of expedited proceedings
  • In principal court proceedings relating to cease-and desist orders, and damages and remuneration claims

In recent years copyright law has been fundamentally changed, for example, through the application of various European guidelines and copyright contract law. The effects of these changes on the legal position of authors, commercial exploiters and users have been comprehensive and as a result up-to-date and specialized competence is essential both when drawing up contracts and asserting claims.


Clemens Adori , attorney at law


Position:  Main Focuses - Media Law & Copy Right