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Business Criminal Law (White Collar Crime).

We defend managing directors, partners, shareholders, authorized company officers as well as employers and employees, self-employed people, and people setting up their own businesses.

Our specialist areas in the field of business criminal law include:

  • Property and asset criminal law
  • Insolvency law
  • Fraud and insurance fraud, credit fraud
  • Betrayal of company secrets, breach of trust
  • Criminal law relating to limited liability companies (e.g. offenses committed by the CEO)
  • Criminal cases relating to labor law (withholding wages, social security fraud, illicit employment, breaches of trust, violations of supervisory duties, violations of building law etc.), influence of European law (e.g. antitrust law)
  • Corporate responsibility, e.g. relating to administrative fine proceedings
  • Criminal law relating to money and payment transfers
  • Improper granting of credit
  • Indictable advertising
  • Criminal law relating to the internet / computer criminality (e.g. data spying, copyright infringement, breaches of confidentiality)
  • Product and brand piracy (e.g. piracy of samples, pirate copies)
  • Environmental criminal law and environment-related administrative fine proceedings
  • Imprisonment

We also offer representation in civil actions and the enforcement of claims under civil law.

Our expertise in the field of criminal proceedings also covers the enforcement of creditors’ rights, e.g. claims to assets seized by the public prosecutor’s office

Roger Näbig, attorney at law


Position:  Main Focuses - Business Criminal Law